JavaScript Interview Prep Practice Problems


Ace your next JavaScript coding interview by doing practice questions. Learn important javascript skills & concepts.

What Will I Learn?
  • Be very well prepared for any javascript programming interviews you will have
  • Learn the skills, concepts, and techniques necessary to excel in javascript coding interviews
  • Excel in a wide variety of javascript interview questions that you could be asked in an interview
  • Learn what programming interviews are like and what kind of questions to expect
  • Strengthen you javascript programming skills and your knowledge of important javascript concepts
  • Feel very confident going into any javascript programming interviews you will have
  • Basic javascript knowledge – this prepares you for interviews from the ground up!


This course is great preparation for any javascript programming interviews that you may have coming up.  Programming interviews have a reputation of being stressful, but the best way to prepare for interviews is to practice, practice, practice!  In this course you will complete more than 30 javascript interview questions that come from actual javascript interviews.  We will go over how to approach the problems, then you will attempt to solve each problem, and then we will walk through the best solutions to each problem step-by-step.  We will take a deep dive into the skills, concepts, and techniques that are required to solve each problem.

When you have completed this course you will have mastered the 30+ interview questions that we will cover, but you will also have learned the concepts, skills, and techniques, that are necessary for you to excel in any other interview questions you may be asked.  You will feel very confident going into any javascript programming interviews you will have.  On top of all this, you will strengthen your javascript programming skills and javascript fundamentals in overall.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is looking for a job as a programmer
  • Anyone who is looking for a job as a web developer
  • Anyone who will be interviewing for a programming or web developer job
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen their javascript skills and knowledge
Created By Eric Traub
Last Updated 4/2019
Language English
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