Learn HTML & CSS in 2 Hours (Inc. HTML5 and CSS3)



If you want to know  “How to use HTML & CSS?” and  “How to design a website”,  you came to the right place for sure! This course will help you understand what the best and easiest way to learn HTML & CSS is.

In this course, you learn HTML & CSS in two hours, One hour for HTML and One hour for CSS. Because I believe you should learn quickly and get experience with the project.

HTML & CSS are the first things you need to build website interfaces and this course I’ll teach you everything that you as a web developer need to know to build amazing applications using long would you be.

Why is it the only course you’ll ever need to learn HTML & CSS and I feel really strongly about that?

This course is everything you need from start to finish regardless of your experience. There’s something here for everyone. I’ll take you from the very beginning up to the complex and advanced topic. Also I’ll teach you how to create real-world projects and In this course you learn real-world projects.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • The HTML & CSS fundamentals
  • The basics of Web design and style to give your Web sites a professional look and feel.
  • How to Build a real world website and how to Organizing Files and Folder Structure for Web Pages.
  • How to Debug your Website and How to use Web browsers to find and fix your website issues.
  • Concepts of a markup language and HTML & CSS syntax.
  • Responsive web design and style.
  • How to create real-world projects.
  • And Way More!

Does this look like a lot of content? It certainly is!

Now it’s your turn to decide. This is what you get:

  • Lifetime access to my HD quality videos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.
  • All lectures are downloadable to make your learning experience even better.
  • English captions for students with hearing impairment.
  • Downloadable code and design assets for the entire project. You can keep this code as a starting point for your own projects.
  • Free helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners who want to learn how to build a professional, beautiful and responsive website.
  • Students with some knowledge about HTML and CSS, but who struggle to put together a great website.
  • Designers who want to expand their skill set into HTML5 and CSS3


  • No coding or design experience necessary.
  • Any computer will do — Windows, OSX or Linux.
  • You don’t need to buy any software — we will use the best free web development editor in the world.
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